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Practice Areas

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death — We represent people injured by others. Whether it be in auto accidents, fall-down cases, dangerous products, medical malpractice or other injury cases, we know the law and we know our way around the courtroom. We have handled thousands of cases on behalf of the injured and the insured.

Workers Compensation — You’ve been hurt at the job. What do you do?

Employment Law — We represent employees and employers in cases involving wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, employment contracts, unemployment appeals, EEOC and N.J. Division of Civil Rights matters. Do you feel as though you’ve been discriminated against or harassed due to your sex, your race, your age, or your religion? Have you been retaliated against by your employer for being a whistleblower? Did you get fired because you needed time to take care of a disabled family member? Do you know your rights as an employee? Do you know what “employment at will” means?

Municipal Court — You have been stopped by the police, tried to be nice, told the officer about your second cousin who’s a cop, and still you got a ticket. Now what?

Expungements — Remember that stupid thing you did when you were young and foolish? You remember, that thing that you swore that you would never get caught doing, but wound up getting caught anyway? You know, that time you were arrested. How do you get rid of this record?

Family Court
Trials and Appeals
Insurance Litigation
Alternative Dispute Resolution / Mediation / Arbitration
Professional Liability


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