The Giberson House, 54 East Water Street, Toms River, New Jersey 08753

The Giberson House

Heizler Pentony, P.C. Attorneys at Law is located in the Giberson House, located at 54 East Water Street right on the water of the Toms River in the downtown village of Toms River, the County Seat of Ocean County. Captain George W. Giberson originally constructed our offices in 1850, the same year that the Ocean County Courthouse was built.

The Giberson House is recognized by the Toms River Maritime Historical District. On June 17, 1981, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection entered the Giberson House into the New Jersey Register of Historic Places. The Giberson House is currently under consideration for recognition as a National Historical Landmark.

Captain Giberson was born on June 12, 1811 from revolutionary stock. He was a tireless worker who became a prominent citizen of Ocean County because of his various roles as a sea captain, large saw mill and cranberry bog owner, bank director and politician. Captain Giberson routinely sailed the commercial schooner North America from Toms River to the port of New York. In the early 1850’s he sold the schooner upon inheriting his father’s sawmill and cranberry bogs at Double Trouble State Park (National Register Historic Site). Being a successful businessman, Captain Giberson served as a charter director of the First National Bank of Toms River. He was elected five times to the position of Ocean County Freeholder in the 1880’s. In 1899, Captain Giberson’s biography recorded his character as follows:

In all his business relations Captain Giberson was straightforward and honest. His word was good as his bond. It is yet to be said that he resorted to sharp practices or clap-trap devices to circumvent others. His entire life was spent in Toms River. Four score years he went in and out among us. He knew all the townspeople and they knew him. His life was as an open book, read and known by all men.*

In representing our clients, we at Heizler Pentony, P.C. Attorneys at Law strive to carry on Captain Giberson’s spirit of Hard Work, Integrity and Public Service. Let us work for you.

*Fisher, W.H. Editor, Biographical Encyclopedia of Ocean County, Philadelphia, PA, A.D.
Smith & Co. 1899.


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